Welcome to the HUB!

Welcome to the HUB!

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Crew 363 Adventures In The Big Apple

Contributed by Cindy Mefford

The Gretna Venture Crew 363 recently returned from a high adventure trip to New York.  The eleven teens and two leaders flew to Albany, NY and then took a train to scenic North Creek in the Adirondack Mountains.  They went on a one day white water rafting trip that included two Class IV rapids.  Next they traveled by train to Hudson and were picked up by a bus to be dropped off at a trail head in the Catskills, where the group tackled a trail called the Devil’s Path.  It was rated as one of the “Top 10 Most Challenging Trails” in the nation by Backpacker Magazine.  After hiking 6.8 miles over the course of an 11 hour day with full backpacks, everyone agreed it was an accurate rating!  On some parts of the trail they had to crawl under giant logs or assist each other in climbing up or down rock walls.

After 4 days of backpacking, the group was picked up again and taken to the train station.  They arrived at Penn Station in New York City and in one day they saw the Hard Rock Café, the 9/11 Memorial, the Empire State Building and Times Square, both in daylight and at night.  They finished the day in style when they hired a Hummer limo to take them to LaGuardia airport.

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New Packs

The Soaring Eagle District has one goal in mind this fall: to grow Scouting! Omaha is growing at an alarming rate, and Scouting needs to grow with it. Elkhorn Public Schools opened up two new elementary schools this fall, and our hardworking volunteers and executives are hitting the ground running to get new packs started.

Our goal this fall is to start new packs at the following schools:

West Bay Elementary (Elkhorn Public Schools)
Sagewood Elementary (Elkhorn Public Schools)
Rockwell Elementary (Millard Public Schools)
Holling Heights Elementary (Millard Public Schools)

New to the Soaring Eagle family is Pack 191 from Fire Ridge Elementary!

We also have a list of packs to get started by Spring of 2014:

Whitetail Creek Elementary (Gretna Public Schools)
Manchester Elementary (Elkhorn Public Schools)
Joslyn and Edison Elementary Schools (Omaha Public Schools)

Not to mention that Soaring Eagle District is looking to grow by at least 3% this fall. For a district our size that is a lofty goal, and we need your help. Our district goal this fall is 1000 new Cub Scouts!

All of these goals can be achieved with your help. Be a part of our district membership TEAM, and Together Everyone Achieves More!


Don’t forget! Every new boy that signs up this fall will receive a FREE Bug Sucker! And every Scout who signs up his friends will receive a bug sucker along with their Recruiter patch and a special Cubs and Bugs Galore patch.

Pack 561 Rain Gutter Regatta

In closing their summer program, Pack 561 threw rain gutter regatta! Very well attended and the kids seemed to have a great time. The race was double elimination but eventually one scout came out on top. Great job guys!

Start of the first race!



20130807-154638.jpgWe have a winner! Congratulations!

20130807-154645.jpgNo water event is complete without a water gun range. Range master Brad keeps a tight ship, but the kids had a blast.

20130807-154651.jpgWho wouldn’t have fun shooting down the Death Star? Star Wars targets are always fair game.

Recruitment Goodie Bags!

For all of your Back To School 101/Open House recruitment needs!


Each goodie bag comes with:
-A bug sucker
-NEW BeAScout yard signs
-Mini Boy’s Life magazines
-Bookmarks (if ordered ahead of time)
-Doorhangers (if ordered ahead of time)
-Bug a Buddy cards (must be requested from DE)
-Stack of youth applications

Contact Chris or Courtney today and get yours before your Back to School or Open House! We deliver!

Ordering Recruitment Materials

Wondering how to cut out the middle man and order your recruitment materials directly? Well read on to figure out how.

Step 1.

Go to the council website and click the “Membership Resources” button.


Step 2.

Click the blue “Dream Big Order Form” button


Step 3.

Fill out the information. Make sure to fill out as much detail as you can.




Simple as that! If you’re still having problems please contact your district executive as soon as possible.